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21 May
Open blog. Under refinement. Currently, my observations are open source. Take as you will.

my tribe
(there's an actual pic of me there. really)

my space
(pics of me there, too)

i will never pretend to be brilliant.
that's for lightbulbs.

FYI: I do not give out a whole lot of personal information here, nor will I, unless we've been mutual friends for a long, long, long time.

but, for those of you that will ask...
elementary school teacher for ten years.
phd in philosophy, specifically metaphysics, and have had a dalliance or two in the college realm of teaching.

And, I really, really, really like cold weather and hot chocolate.

i also help maintain real_teaching.

these are my friends of the four legged type:
Peeking Pets
buddy heisenberg is on the left and seymour schrodinger is on the right.

buddy is one of those cats where he thinks he is better than everyone else. he had a brief job in the paparazzi, yet was given a large amount of hush money to squelch the michael jackson pics he took in the 90's. he now lives on his retirement.

seymour is the one who, from time to time, gets into my lj account and talks badly about everyone and everything. do not believe he is all cute and innocent for a second. he drinks a lot and is a wisecracker.

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